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Andrea Absolonová (26 December 1976 – 9 December 2004), better known by the pseudonym Lea De Mae, was a Czech adult model, pornographic actress and a member of the Czech high diving national team. Mae died from brain cancer on 9 December 2004, at the age of 27.

Born in Czechoslovakia, De Mae was a member of the Czech high diving national team and injured her spine in an accident[1] when training for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, diving from the 10m platform. She recovered from her injury, but did not qualify for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Her problems persisted, so she retired from professional sports.[2]

De Mae was later persuaded by a photographer to pose nude and eventually to participate in the adult film industry.[3][2]

De Mae appeared in over 80 adult films. She first appeared on American screens in a series of features for Private Media Group. She eventually returned to Europe, shooting more films but, after a brief period of time returned to the States.

De Mae was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer in July 2004.[4] Fans and fellow porn actors contributed to a medical fund set up for her in Prague, but she died on 9 December 2004 at the age of 27.

CZECH Newspaper Article about Lea

EDELNI SVET (Sunday World), another Czech Newspaper, published an Article about Lea De Mae already on 23rd July 2006. Thanks to Ian for his English translation:

A life like a jump from a tower

After an injury a succesful sportswoman became porn actress and at the end died of cancer at 28.

If someone wanted to write a movie scenario based upon the real destiny of Andrea Absolonová alias Lea de Mae, it would not be much necessary to add the elements of fiction. This story includes everything which a proper soap opera has to be characterised by. The sentimental spectators would probably shed the tears, the puritans would draw some moral conclusions on god´s punishment of revelry. And the cynics would laugh that a porn actress will have her own statue on the graveyard.

Little Andrea was not growing up in the way as the other kids were. Since the age of 6 she started to do high diving with some good results. After the years of practice, she as well as her younger sister Lucie became the members of junior national team. They both moved from Prague to Pardubice where the base of national team was stationed. Both girls dwellt with their trainer and possessed an individual school schedule plan. Later on, Andrea became a member of the Czech Olympic team and she practised the high diving from the 10meter platform before the Summer Olympic games in Atlanta 1996. Once she did a terrible mistake and fell down on the water line so unlucky that she injured her backbone. After 3 months of recovery she came back to sport and fought hard back to attend the next olympic games in Sydney 2000. However, this had not happened and the persisting health problems forced her to give up an promising sporting career at all.

Where did she gain so much money from?

23 old woman was for certain period keeping her sources of income secret from her family and friends. They did not know that she was making porn pictures and movies. “Everything started by shooting the pictures for an advertisment billboard. That photographer convinced her to shoot naked pictures and that was the way how she entered the porn business. She was then recommended to our castings. She was really shy, did not know what was going on. We took a coffee break and chatted. She said that she will try it out” – that is the way how the beginning of Andrea´s porn carrer has been depicted by O. Widman, owner of Dream Entertainment.

Eventuelly Andrea stopped to make high diving and left for US. The family did not have a clue what is she doing for her living in the oversea. “Once she arrived to Washington, where I was practising for Olympic games. She had stayed in the one of the best hotels in town, so I began to feel some dubious activities behind the story. She said that she had been invited by certain company for some photo shooting”, Lucie is looking back at those days. The real sources of Andrea´s incomes could not be – in the age of internet – hidden anymore. In particular, when the first class porn star was born and under the knickname Lea de Mae started to earn thousands of dollars. She became friend and mate with some other Czech stars as Silvia Saint, Daniella Rush or Monica Sweetheart. The porn acting was the purpose of the following misunderstandings between the sisters and they broke their relations for some time.

The cancer was initiated by an accident …

The year 2004 brought a turnover. Andrea was financially secured and intented to break away from porn, to settle down in Prague with her boyfriend and to have the kids. Lucie and Andrea reconciliated and started to spend a lot of time together. “Those were the days when we felt each other so close. And just within that period the illnes broke out” – Lucie says. Andrea began to suffer from serious headaches and blocked spine. The doctors were prescribing one pain killer after another but with no impact. Soon the sight and movement coordination problems appeared and Andrea was finally scanned by CT. A cruel truth was revealed – the malignant brain tumor inside.

The illness has been probably initiated by accident happened during sky diving shortly before. Andrea fell in love with sky diving, she liked the feelings when freely falling down more than one minute to the earth before switching the parachute on. Once starting a sky diving jump, she had had a collision with the surface of the plane and soon after this the ilness broke out.

Her condition worsened rapidly, even the immediate operation did not help. Andrea´s mother, having heard from doctors that the illness of Andrea is incurable, broke down and needed a psychiatric treatment. Even the father was not strong enough to withstand the view on the dying daughter so Lucie remained the only supportive family member. Lucie spent with Andrea entire days in Stresovice and Bulovka Hospitals. While Andrea was sleeping, Lucie sent the requests regarding new treatment methods all over the world. But the answers were almost the same: we could try to intervene only if the patient´s condition improves. Chris Danneffel, a german photographer and Andrea´s keen admirer helped Lucie to take care of her and he extensively described these days on the website dedicated to Lea de Mae. Her former manager Widman started to make fund raising for Lea treatment, this action was running under the auspices of Silvia Saint.

Meanwhile the young woman was suffering unbearable head- and spine aches and the doctors became desperate. None – even the strongest – analgesics helped, Andrea often cried all night long. “She asked me many times whether she was dying. I had to ensure her that she will stay alive although I knew that she will not survive anymore” – Lucie is remembering the hardest days of her life. The redempting death came on 9th December 2004.

The exhausted Lucie broke down immediately after that and she had to receive vitaminal injections. A psychologist helped her to cope with the loss of sister but the she will bear her trauma further on. Shortly after Andrea´s death some of the condolescing friends suggested to make a dignified sculpture for her. Lucie adopted the idea and started to collect funds for the statue which should be placed in the cemetary of Dablice.

The entire project including generous sculpture and the rent of the place in the Dablice cemetary is supposed to take costs of nearly 300 000 Czech Crowns. Approximately one half remains still to be covered, so Lucie published the appeal for financial contributions on the internet.

The reproaches and the deviationists

Just the money are playing a significant role in the endgame of the story. The involved persons are scarce to talk about that. Following the indications, it seems that the family had a quarrel with Andrea´s former boyfriend regarding the heritage. Porn manager Oldrich Widman claims, that Lucie did not send confirmation letter to several donors who contributed to the Andrea´s treatment. Some other persons do not consider ethical that she is making the fund raising for sculpture while she inherited the fortune. Lucie is defending herself by the assertion that Andrea handled to her over only the Building Society account which was used to build a tombstone. Moreover, she logically argued that a symbolic present for the dead sister should not be covered by her own (Andrea´s ) financial sources. “If I only knew what happens after the publishing the appeal, I would not do that. I am still receiving obnoxious emails from deviationists requesting Andrea´s panties” – says Lucie. These were also among the reasons why she stopped to search for contributors and decided to cover all the expenditures by herself. “I considered that I have a lot of time and I will eventually do that. One day the sculpture will be erected there”, she argues decisively.


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